Twinkle toes

So the Twinkles are getting ready for their ballet exams. As your general male I am not refined enough to really understand this… but the girls (Including mommy) seem to take this seriously. 🤷‍♂️. I just hope it goes well.

The concert they put on was more at my level, not because I understood anything, but purely because you can’t have a concert with small kids and not have bloopers. Yes I know, laughing is mean! The twinkles made the biggest blooper though and both ran off stage. The audience collectively felt for them and you could hear the “awe shame” from every corner of the hall. We were worried that it’ll be tears for the next few days 🥺. But teacher became an instant hero by stopping the concert and letting them redo their segment. How epic! Leef Epies Leef Vry!

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