One must just get back up

I have been writing about our twins the whole time, and made brief mention of the crazy moms and my wife. But I think it is needed that I tell you all a bit more about Mrs General Jack.

This superhero runs the household, has a full time job, takes care of not only the twins and myself but every other person that she comes into contact with. She pulled the neighbour kids in for youth, assists some people in rehab, helps anyone who is sick in our community, donates and teaches our kids to donate to the less fortunate, goes overboard with any activity or get together in order to make it special etc……. She is just Epic! LeefEpiesLeefVry

But recently she was knocked down after having a seizure. A very scary experience to say the least. We were having Sunday lunch and all of a sudden I felt a elbow and watched her kick her food around the floor… she obviously didn’t know what happened but I myself went cold!

She is still getting over the whole experience and one can see the worry in her face even though she does her best to hide it. I like joking about her break dance attempt but in all honesty the entire ordeal gave us a kick in the goonies. Hospital and doctor bills set us back and we have to work twice as hard to keep things going for the twins.

But what does she do? She just works even harder to help everyone else! RESPECT! LeefEpiesLeefVry!

Buying our crafts helps us get back on our feet so continue to do so. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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