Ballet dads and Over achievers

Here! Take my man card!

That was the first thought when I took a pink elastic band out of my pocket at work today. The elastic was from a pair of ballet pumps which was sticking out when Charlotte and Chevelle did their exams. Yes, dad made a plan and just ripped it out.

But then I came to my senses. It takes a real man to put up with a ballet mom and two ballerinas. Yes Superman should look up to me 🤣

A sign that I’m a ballet dad

So then my mind wandered to my young days when my brother and I both, had our provincial colours for 5 different sports at the same time. Yeah! Over achievers *pushing my chest out looking like a retired HULK*

Then it dawned on me. The twinkles are heading in the same direction 😳, or even more at their current rate 🫣. I NOW KNOW WHAT MY PARENTS REALLY DID FOR US! Would love to have been able to thank them just one more time.

To our girls…. GO CONQUER THE WORLD! No thanks needed. We are so proud of you. Mom, Dad and everyone reading this, will help you live your dreams!

Ballet Exams – Passed
Music school – year passed
Grade R – Year passed
TV auditions – passed
Beauty pageant – winners

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