Always be in touch

The last few weeks have been hectic. Car problems, geyser burst, oven packed up, power issues at work, SM, SC and BA on training leaving me to do everything myself…… BUT….

Family invited us over for a pizza evening. A couple of drinks and togetherness… Food for the soul…

Never alone

Then while heading home you witness this in the back seat and it blows your mind!

Togetherness, in our face the entire time. Kids, showing us adults how to live. We are just too busy and blind to see it!!!!

Wake up people!!! Live Epic Live Free!!! Leef Epies Leef Vry!!!

This is the picture of two soulmates in the back seat of a car. Aren’t we as adults married to our soulmates? Do we not yearn to hold hands while sleeping? Why do you not appreciate those moments?

Children are the window into true happiness and the picture of fully living!

Oh how I admire your freedom in living! I need to keep myself from showing jealously towards the children who lives the way we all should!

Show love to your family! Show love to your neighbour! Show love to the world!

Unite for something!

Stay in touch! Yes! Go phone your mom!

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