Don’t miss out on life

Our lives have been busy this year so far and I haven’t posted anything for some time….. and I’ve taken action which is extremely scary. But first, updates on the girls….

The twins started their first school year and are officially grade 1 learners. They are growing so quickly and before we know it they’ll be done.

Pride and confidence

I also had some time during the holiday to teach them how to swim! Some quality time which I never have!

I have realised how much I am missing out on. I am only a spectator and not really a part of them growing up. I realised how much me being there impacts them and how much more they can do if I am there for them…. That brought me to make the big decision of resigning from my job. I need to make big changes in my life in order to live and be part of their lives. (If anyone has work for me I’m interested 😉)

This made me think of how many people purely work and do not really live. People have come to a point where they miss out on the most important things while chasing carrots being dangled and will never reach. I’m not saying everyone must do what I am doing, but I am saying do not neglect that which you will regret the most in the long run.



Hold on to your loved ones

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