Twinkle little TV stars

Well it finally started. The girls are officially doing their training to be on TV. This past Saturday was day one and they had a blast, learning how to visually express emotions, starting to learn their lines, learning about memory exercises, learning song and dance routines, building confidence etc. All under the watchful eye ofContinue reading “Twinkle little TV stars”

Happy New Year

The new year started off great! Family moments you don’t get often at all! Meeting family for the first time over the holidays and getting to see them off at the airport heading back to the UK. Holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Looking to the future with hope and excitement. I hope everyoneContinue reading “Happy New Year”

It is the little things

Imagine! A world with a beautiful sunset right before your eyes. A world where children run up to you when you get home. A world where hugs and kisses and the slightest touch get shared between you and your partner every time you pass each other in the house. Imagine! A world where a littleContinue reading “It is the little things”